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A new generation of auto detailing services is on the rise in Maryland. Rediscover the joy and comfort of a brand new car with our high-quality auto detailing.

For new vehicles, we recommend you check out our Paint Protection Film and Ceramic Coating service to help protect and extend the brand new state of your car.

Our skilled craftsmen and technicians are equipped with the latest in car care technology to remove any stains and restore the brand new look and feel of your vehicle.

Each of our car detailers has years of experience perfecting their craft and have gone through extensive professional training to ensure your vehicles receive the highest level of care resulting in absolutely stunning results the first time and every time.

Wether you want to bring back the shine on your vehicle or remove stubborn stains on your carpets, we can wax and restore your vehicle back to perfection.

Our main packages can be found below. If you wish to have a service that isn't detailed on this page, please contact us and we will gladly guide you as to what we can do to resolve your car detailing challenges.

Auto Detailing & Car Wash Packages

Level 1
  • Paint Decontamination wash + clay bar
  • Wheels Deep Cleaned
  • All Wheel wells Cleaned
  • Tires Cleaned & Conditioned
  • Trim conditioned,
  • Apply carnauba wax

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Level 2
  • Paint Decontamination wash + clay bar
  • Wheels Deep Cleaned
  • All Wheel Wells Cleaned
  • Tires Cleaned & Conditioned
  • Trim Conditioned & Sealed
  • One step paint enhancement process which removes light swirls and creates a high gloss
  • Durable paint sealant applied.
  • Can Also Upgrade to a Professional Ceramic Coating
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Level 3
 Includes a 2+ Years Paint Protection Coating
  • Paint decontamination wash + clay bar
  • Wheels deep cleaned
  • All wheel wells cleaned
  • Tires cleaned & conditioned
  • Trim conditioned & sealed

Multi-stage Correction process which removes ALL swirls and deeper defects to create a high gloss

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Price may vary depending on the vehicles size.
Requires 4 days to complete.
Interior Enhancement
  • Thorough Vacuum of carpets and seats
  • Wipe Down dashboard, cupholders and all hard plastics
  • Clean and Condition leather seats
  • Clean Glass
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Interior Rejuvenation
 This is designed for a much more intense service.  
  • Deep steam cleaning is now implemented for a much more heavily sanitized result.  Providing strong decontamination everywhere.  Mild carpet extraction is implemented.  All cracks & crevices are tended to.  Leather is deeply revived.  Carpet & Upholstery are revived.  Followed by deep conditioning to replenish health.
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Heavy neglect, seat removal, deep contamination, or abnormal soil levels may be extra. Determinable upon personal evaluation.
Express Detail
Only Available for Vehicles we have previously detailed.
  • Wash and Seal
  • Inside and outside glass cleaned
  • Wheels cleaned
  • Tires dressed
  • Exhaust tips detailed
  • Quick clay bar of paint
  • Vacuum carpets and seats
  • Wipe down dashboard,doors,cup holders
  • Wipe down door jams

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Why Choose Us?

We provide top-notch Detailing services to our esteemed clientele.

We understand the unique needs of every job and aim at perfection when it comes to delivering over and above in required services such as mobile detailing.

Rise and Shine is a certified IDA (International Detailers Association) detail shop. We are also a Microfiber Madness Authorized Detailer. We are known to be recognized by excellence and exceptional professionalism.

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