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The services offered below are organized in very simple fashion, to help you best determine what makes the most sense for your vehicle & your budget.  We understand that everyone has different goals in mind when scheduling an appointment with us.  So we've laid things out in an easy-to-read manner.  Which will help you decipher what paint polishing service, what interior package, and if an engine bay detail - makes the most sense for YOU. The "levels" are organized from most basic as a level 1, to more intense as a level 3.

And lastly, keep this in mind....

"We don't negotiate prices, because we don't negotiate the quality of our work. I view the level of detailing we perform as true craftsmanship & a passion.  Instead of doing things "cheap" we'd rather do them RIGHT. What we do takes time & patience.  We don't rush & we don't hurry."

**For an unparalleled protection service - please check out our "PPF & Tint" page & have a look at the options for Paint Protection Film. NO MORE ROCK CHIPS on your paint!  And increase your vehicle's good looks, privacy, & interior protection with Window Tint.  All done in-house!!  Protect your vehicle like Fort Knox, with our "One Stop Shop" facility.

Exterior & Interior Auto Detailing Packages

Level 1
  • RECOMMENDED FOR: A car that has been polished, protected, & maintained properly before.  But now simply needs a more thorough paint cleansing & a fresh coat of protection to stay healthy.  THIS IS OUR BASELINE PACKAGE. While this service CLEANS & glosses the paint very well, it only removes LIGHT  swirls & paint defects.  But doesn't repair any "heavy" paint damage.  If your vehicle is a bit more "tattered" this will only provide minimal improvement.  This package is great to have performed yearly.  This also makes a nice impact when preparing a vehicle for sale.
    >Wheel, tire, fender well deep clean
    >Pressure wash & foam soak vehicle
    >Fallout surface decontamination
    >Proper "3-bucket" wash & rinse
    >Embedded surface decontamination
    >Heavy blow dry all cracks & crevices
    >Condition tires, fender wells, & trim for health
    >All-in-One Polishing system for minor defect repair, gloss enhancement, and wax blend protection
    >Clean glass
    ​>Detail door jambs
    >Detail Exhaust tips
    >Polymer Paint Sealant applied for durable protection
  • Time invested is 5-7 hours labor.
    PRICE = $200 small coupes, $250 average sedans, $300 full size SUV/Truck, $350 extended size vehicle

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Level 2
  • RECOMMENDED FOR: Easily our most popular paint service in the lineup!  At this level we begin digging deeper to remove more serious paint defects.  Whether it's water etching, heavy swirls, oxidation, etc.  This package cuts heavier to provide a deeper revival to a more neglected finish. If your car has NEVER BEEN POLISHED BEFORE, we recommend you start here, especially if your car has more than 20,000 miles on it. This is also a great choice if you just purchased a used vehicle.WHAT'S PERFORMED?
  • EXTERIOR: >Same procedures as the level 1, but now we begin to cut deeper for greater paint correction
  • >2-STAGE  customized cut & polish paint correction for deeper defect repair & paint leveling
  • Time invested is 11-15 hours labor.
  • PRICE = $400 small coupes, $475 average sedans, $625 full size SUV/Truck, $725 extended vehicles
  • For the best protection available, have a look at our page regarding ceramic coatings.
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Level 3
  • RECOMMENDED FOR: Any car (particularly a daily driver or a vehicle that's recently been painted) that's been improperly cared for or neglected for awhile, and deeper paint restoration is necessary. Maybe it's been through a ton of automatic washes, or lived a rough life lived outside in the elements.  And now the paint is deeply marred & dull.  This package provides a truly intense restoration to a deeply damaged paint finish.WHAT'S  PERFORMED?
    >Same procedures as the level 2, but now becoming our most intensive machine polish we offer
    >4-STAGE customized heavy cut & polish for deep defect repair, paint leveling, and gloss restoration
  • Time invested is 16-25 hours labor.  
    PRICE = $700 small coupes, $800 average sedans, $900 full size SUV/Truck , $1,000 extended vehicles
  • For the best protection available.  Have a look at our page regarding ceramic coatings.
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**SPECIAL NOTE ABOUT SERVICES**  Please be very aware of the package you order, and be realistic about the goals and results of that package.  We do our VERY best, to give our clients a little "extra" with every car we touch.  But at the same time, we can't give you a 4-stage polish if you only paid for a 1-stage polish.  We will be honest with you, as long as you're honest with yourself about the budget at hand.
Interior Enhancement

This is our baseline interior detail. It includes a solid scrub down of all leather, plastics, and vinyl.  Followed by a stout dose of satin finish moisture & reconditioning. Attention to all cracks & crevices is dealt. Basic stain removal from carpets & headliner. This is a full service detail for a fair price, on a light to moderately soiled interior.
PRICE = Small Coupe $140, Average Sedan/Truck $160, Full Size SUV $200, Extended Vehicles $250

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Interior Rejuvenation

This is designed for a much more intense service on a more neglected interior.  Deep steam cleaning is now implemented for a much more heavily sanitized result.  Providing strong decontamination everywhere.  Mild carpet extraction is implemented.  All cracks & crevices are tended to.  Leather is deeply revived.  Carpet & Upholstery are revived.  Followed by deep conditioning to replenish health.
​PRICE = Small Coupe $200, Average Sedan/Truck $250, Full size SUV $300, Extended Vehicles $400


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  • Our engine bay/motor compartment details have become quite coveted!  While this service can be purchased separately ($100-$250).  We are now happily offering this at NO charge, when a polishing service & interior package are purchased together!  For any questions or specifics about our engine bay detailing, have a look on our "RESULTS" page here on the site.  Or simply inquire within.

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Why Choose Us?

Every chance we get, we reveal our results under the sunlight.  Natural sun is the real critic & will expose TRUE results.  Our work is real, and we don't "cover up" issues with your paint.  We FIX them, for a deep, incredibly wet gloss.  

In addition to all of the services we offer in our shop.  We are also an Authorized Dealer of Shine Supply & Gyeon Quartz maintenance products!  We keep multiple products in stock, perfect for the driveway detailer, and for the maintenance of your ride after we've completed our restoration/preservation for you!  From premium, plush microfiber towels.  To all the proper "juices" & additives, to wheel brushes & buckets/grit guards.  WE ARE A TOTAL CARE FACILITY!!

We use 100% DI water for spot free rinses. We also use air filtration systems and dust collectors to keep the shop dust free for cleaner Clear Bra and Tint installations.

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