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About Us
Rise And Shine Detailing

Rise and Shine Detailing is a top car detailing outfit that operates within the boundaries of Maryland Virginia and Washington D.C. Rise and Shine has been in the Car detailing business for over four years and specializes in Paint correction and ceramic coatings such as Car-pro, Gtechniq and IGL. We provide top-notch Detailing services to our esteemed clientele. We understand the unique needs of every job and aim at perfection when it comes to delivering over and above in required services such as mobile detailing.

Rise and Shine is a certified IDA (International Detailers Association) detail shop. We are also a Microfiber Madness Authorized Detailer. We are known to be recognized by excellence and exceptional professionalism. We are your best shot, and we are committed to satisfying your every need. We promise to be of service today as we were yesterday. Thank you.

Joseph Wallace has had his eyes on detailing ever since he was a kid, and would help his dad clean his car weekly. Born in a principled home with values to uphold, he strives for perfection and is keen to learn new ways to provide the best quality of service and results to his esteemed clientele. Joseph has over five years’ experience in the detailing business. After doing a bit of research and noticing the lack of quality service customers received for their cars in several dishonest detailing shops.

The interest got deeper in the quest to provide unique detailing services and also educate those who care to know the intricacies of Car detailing. Joseph's passion for proper detailing is unquestionable, and he is here to stay and on the mission of owning and running the best-detailing studio.

What Our Customers Say About Us
Ryan Deal
Verified Review
from Google
Joey is fantastic and really dedicated to his work. I've never had a better detail job. I've had my car detailed in the past many times, interior details usually and have always been left unhappy with something, streaks, areas missed, etc. but not with Rise & Shine! I was really impressed. I will definitely be using them again and sharing with friends and family as much as I can. Really happy!
Verified Review
from Google
First let me start off by saying Wow! I always thought my car was clean and shiny and wondered (it can't really get any better) then it already was (wrong) Rise and Shine detailing proved me wrong.Joey stripped my car by removing all the wax and polish that I have put on the car over the years. Joey washed and clayed my entire car then machine polished it! I was super impressed and really thought it was perfect, then he got the Gtechniq coating out. I was speechless.I can't believe I've waited this long to have him detail my car. If you love your car or truck like I do, definitely call Rise and Shine Detailing, you won't be disappointed! Joey is the man
Cait M.
Verified Review 
from Yelp
We have engaged with Joey to provide bi-weekly, on-demand car services at our office buildings in Rockville, Md. Joey has been an excellent communicator, and champion of Customer Service which is paramount to us utilizing his services as an "add on" to our customers.

I have heard only good things from each & every person who has had their vehicle serviced by him. The pricing is fair and he is always willing to go the extra mile. As noted in previous reviews, he can clean a vehicle just about anywhere since he has portable water and a generator. We are so pleased that we found Rise & Shine Detailing - and look forward to continuing our work with Joey!