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Restore the original glory of your paint!

We all wish to keep our vehicles looking brand new forever. Unfortunately, even with all the care we give our cars, over time the paint fades and the shine diminishes.

Paint correction is the solution to restore the original look of your paint. By mechanically polishing the paint with micro-abrasive agents, we can remove defects like scratches, swirls and virtually any damage that is on the clear-coat of your paint.

Two kinds of micro-abrasive are used to polish your paint. In rare cases, wet-sand papers are used to level your clear-coat and remover deeper, more aggressive scratches.

Liquid polishes or diminishing polishes, are the most common micro-abrasive used by professionals to both remove defects and deliver stunning gloss. These diminishing polishes are used with high-tech dual-action polishers to deliver flawless results that often look better than the day your first took possession of your vehicle.

In a nutshell, paint correction provides a solution to repair your paint and it's original look without repainting your car.

Paint Correction Package

Level 3
 2-Stage Paint Correction
 5 Year Professional Ceramic Coating
 We are Maryland's only Certified Gyeon Quartz Coating Installer.
  • Paint decontamination wash + clay bar
  • Wheels deep cleaned
  • All wheel wells cleaned
  • Tires cleaned & conditioned
  • Trim conditioned & sealed
  • 2 step paint correction process which removes ALL swirls and surface defects in clear coat -Apply high gloss paint polish to add depth and gloss
  • Apply a Professional Ceramic Coating.
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